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Gas Cylinder Printer

Automatic operation type
Semi automatic operation type
Printed samples
Machine mechanism
Dimension : 2000mm(H) x 660mm(W) x 1400mm(D)
Weight : 200kg
Marking width : Circumference of the cylinder
Marking height : 80 cm
Marking speed : 40 seconds per cylinder
Marking color : Standard 2 colors ( up to 4 colors available at option)
Marking resolution : 0.8mm pitch
Marking type face : All the type faces applicable at PC

Dimension : 1000mm(H) x 700mm(W) x 300mm(D)
Power : AC 100V 50/60Hz
Weight : 30kg
Power consumption : 600W at maximum
Operation panel : LCD touch panel
Input device : Floppy disc drive