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Vehicle Art Robo for
transportation companies
Design truck
Demo. Video
Demo. Video (YouTube)

・Put a design on a plain truck for image improvement.

・The printed surface prevents water scale and scratch. This will be a reduction of maintenance cost.

・Improvement of manner/moral/motivation with drivers.

The truck which children long for is necessary for the industry in the future.

The company which employees can be proud of through social/local contribution

・The company which can be selected by the shippers

・The company which can be selected by the young for job

Proposal of “Design truck” which is loved by not only shipper but also local people

Is it true that only a plain truck is acceptable?

We think that it totally depends on its design.

“Design truck” has an impact in various aspects and it is essential for the transportation industry.

Please do not say you cannot do that. Let’s start for a change.